Some finished Minis!

by Raffa

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today was a chilly night, played a lot of computer game banana stuff with the other two monkeys Roman and Robert :)

But anyway i managed to finish my Dark Eldar Jetbike i bought yesterday.
It was a real joy to paint and the new Kits are really awesome!

Hmmm what else, i finished a looooong time wip thingy that was standing in my work in progress cabinet....
It's a gretchin that captured an imperial Sentinel, now you can imagine that he's THE NEW BOSS!

I also finished a little Gift for Tre... i used some weird colors, but i somehow like it ;)

Also i took some new pictures of "The benighted Temple"

I took some photos for Roman too, so you will see more minis tommorow :)

Oh and here's a wip of my Saxon Warrior:

The iced water gets hard right now on his base, i think in 1-2 days you'll see a picture with the base :)
He's still not finished... i want to make him pretty good, so i still have to invest some time...

Hope you have a good night ooooor a good morning when you're reading this!



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