Serious Inspiration next door...

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa... here goes a little story:

I was wandering the street i am living in with my neighbour today to wait for his lady and kids to arrive and then i should support him to be the packing mule. Waiting was boring in the darkness and you could not really walk around as our block got some serious construction site going on in the middle of the street ... then i saw a digger and a nice light which hit it, i wildly ran back in the house to grab my camera to make some serious inspiration shots for you, because i already saved it in my brain which is really powerful when it comes to save inspiration... and remember inspiration is everywhere - hope you like those pics, attention yellow light ahead:

I can make great sounds on how it will sound when this magnificant transformer looking great digger moves... and i did while taking the pictures, i guess i'd have looked like a freak but i was aware of that and wore my gorilla costume :)

I love light and shadows... stay inspired by your sorrounding ambients and keep on happy painting!
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