Thanks to big Scott and further WIP

by Roman aka jar

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1. Thanks to Scott
Today seems to be the day where i have to make big shout outs by saying thank you to another person, this time it is Scott. Crazy Man you are - another parcel recieved me today and i was really wondering what i might find in it. Some while ago i did buy my first miniature on ebay for my private collection. It was one of Scott's small robots he did paint up and i fell in love with this little robot (no not with Scott). Today's parcel was another robot and a little letter from Scott where he tells me that the he didn't want the first one to be lonely... oh dear, thank you very much Scott, what a surprise... damn, no both look so cool in my cabinet - muchas gracias my brushbrother... and thanks to everyone else whom i already got a miniature from - you can see my private collection so far on the left front in my cabinet, also the new tiny robot friend is there, the robot brothers finally arranged to be togehter again...

2. Further Victor WIPs
I am painting, painting, painting with some chilled music during a really cold day. So here is another bunch of photos i just took during the progrss. Still in WIP. Next the dog will be planned and therefore i already found some inspiration...

Dog One
Dog Two
Dog Three

Something in between those, really looking forward to bring this little guy alive and add some character... Sir Victor Jazz himself is not finished yet, please don't you think so. The base is now away for some 2K Water drying action til tomorrow and then i guess the dog and the man are painted so far so i can check the overall look and work out the details in the next days... let me know what you think, even the photos are bad as hell, but you can click them to make them bigger and bigger is better :)

Don't you wonder. I did a little experiment with the lower pipe, there is still air in it and the water has a different colour then outside the pipe - EXPERIMENT... we'll see what happens. Some of you might ask why i am taking so many photos. There is no real answer, i am just keeping myself motivated with those photos - i am not planning a Step by Step of this guy, but you'll never know :)

So far, damn... the blue shield needs another colour very badly...
Keep on happy painting!


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