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by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

This time i had the idea to make a tutorial about what items to bring when you go painting outside your house.
For example to a painting jam at a friends house, to a workshop or to a painters meeting.

As i go at least once a week to Romans house with my stuff i already got everything packed up pretty mobile. I will introduce my way of packing the stuff and a general overview of my painting and hobby essentials.

Ok, let's go!

The Essentials
When i'm talking about the essentials, this is what you really NEED when you leave your house for painting somewhere else.

At first we have our Brushes and Water Jar, i have a plastic one, it's lighter...
Also you can see a wide selection of brushes, good and fine brushes and older ones for suicide missions.
There are also some pens and a toothbrush for making mud splatters....
Watch out! Don't let your Brush Tips get "touched" by anything, if a good tip gets bent because of this you will be angry!!! ahhhhh!!

Second we have colors, it's sometimes hard to find something to put all your colors in to but when you have found something it's pretty cool.... you can see i painted dots of colors onto my cans so i can easily find them.
At the right side you see a selection of MIG pigments and in the front there are some Tamiya clear colors.
I also have some snow with me (Andrea Snow) and some of my self made rust pigments.

Some people, like Roman for example, don't bring their own colors (or just a small selection) to painting jams and like to use the ones by the host.... You should ask the host before you do such actions and if you're like me, you like your own colors anyway, i hate asking every 2 minutes for a color ;)

You can bring your priming bottles... i usually don't...

You should never forget to bring a light except when you know that the place is very well lit or you just want to sculpt. Forgetting the light is a real pain but asking others to share their light is a pain for both of the painters... so just don't forget it!
The lights i use are bought from ikea and the lamp was changed to a daylight bulb.
A daylight bulb is also very important, it enables you to see the real colors you paint instead of piss yellow colors ;)

Sorry guy, no photo here, basically because i forgot it at Romans house... hahaha ...
But a palette is very important, sure you can also use something that lies around at the place.... But especially a wet palette is very nice to have!

Ok, now we have the essentials.. but i like to bring a bit more to make me more comfortable at my host :)

Preparation Stuff

This is the content of my first little box:
1) MagicSculpt for filling gaps and sculpting stuff
2) Spare blades for my scalpel
3) One empty jar and one jar with white spirit. Sometimes another painter has something nice like pigments.. then you need a empty jar to steal something from it :)
4) Vallejo Plastic Putty - Very cool stuff, i use it for all kind of things, it hardens very fast (max. 5 minutes).
5) Micro Krystal Klear - Also very interesting stuff, you can make small windows and lenses
6) Plastic Booze glasses..... good for mixing large amounts of washes or other stuff.
7) Pliers, ...... one for small plastic stuff, one big for metal stuff and one for bending stuff
8) Pen, always good!
9) Milliput - Godlike stuff, but anyway, everyone knows it so i don't need to tell you about it ;)
10) A knife for rough stuff where my scalpel is to delicate
11) Tootpicks, useful for all kinds of stuff!
12) Different types of cork for putting miniatures on.

Ok, as you can see, most of this stuff is needed for preparing miniatures and bases.

Sculpting and Cutting
This is the content of this little box on the picture, primary stuff for sculpting, detail work, cutting and drilling
1) Hand drill and different drills
2) Fine medical tweezers
3) Sculpting tools (Zahle A, Needle tool and Clayshapers)
4) Scalpel and small hand saw
5) Old brush, pushing this one into vallejo plastic putty gives a nice rust structure
6) Spare blades for the scalpel (really... test THESE kind of blades! They are sooooo awesome!!!)
7) Small hand files

Sanding Box
This is my sanding box, it containts different kind of sanding paper, Tamiya airbrush tape (always nice to have) and my superglue..... the superglue always changes between the boxes, it's also often in my color box.
You can also see Tamiya polishing compound to polish 2K water when the sides aren't completely clear ;)

Basing Accessory
This box contains all kind of basing gimmicks that i love and i don't neccessarily find at the painting place.
It just containts stuff that you kind find on the street in a normal city.
When i for example want to build a stone base, i go into the forrest and search for stones ...
Sure, at home i got everything ready, but this is for travelling ;)

1) Box with some GW parts and stuff i didn't want to put on the table ;)
2) A little container with gears, cogs and little watch parts.
3) Balls from a Brita waterfilter (those things are a hell to seperate from the black crap in the filters)
4) Small bricks
5) Leaves from plus model, much nicer than the birch seeds everyone hates so much ;)
6) A small fence from railroad modeling
7) All kinds of small cables and such stuff
8) Empty ammo shells in different sizes
9) Some cord and pipes
10) Acupunture needles... for very small stuff.....

You can see some other stuff ... but it's pretty much self-explanatory.

Dynamic Box
This is my "dynamic box", i put everything i there that i just need for a short time....
on this photo you can see some minis, green stuff, super sculpey firm, oil color, pigments and two bases :)

So i hope this helps you a bit when you search your stuff for the next painting jam!

Have a nice time!


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