Mu09 - Small Animal Set by Busch

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Thanks to Oli's posting we have our eyes again on this cool small animal set by the german Company "Busch". After several questions about the box content in combination with the reason that i have a new set myself i choose to do a Miniature Unpacked of it. I hope you enjoy.

If you are intrested in getting a pack for yourself please feel free to check the manufactures homepage linked up at the end of the article. The price for this set is 6,99 € at our local hobby store - i would say this is a truely fair price for tons of tiny animals :)
L-l-l-lllooookkkkiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg iinnnsssiiiidddeeee...

The box comes with a samll green gras meadow for those who really have no idea of a base concept. If so, try to check our article section about basing before using the meadow. There is also a litte introductio on how to use the models and the sprues themself:

Now unpacking the sprues and counting. 
4x the white one, 2x the sand coloured one. 

This contains:

8x Butterflys (2 different, so you got 4 each)
8x frogs (same here)
8x Snakes (same here)
8x Insects (same here)
4x Salamanders
4x Rabbits
4x squirrels
2x hedgehogs
2x Raven
2x woodpeckers
2x Owls
16x fishes (4 different ones, so 4 of each)

That's many and that is a great ressource for our hobby as you don't need all of them on one base - you will have long time fun with them, go have a look yourself - i am sure i forget a fish or some other animal to count in, click to enlarge:

Talking about the quality:

The quality of the sprue is superfine in plastic. Such small animals are really hard to get and if they look so great they are easy being involved in a little miniature scene to tell a story or whatever, simply catwalk the scene with your miniature - you are the king of your decisions.

There is some minor cleaning work needed but that is done pretty fast with a cutter or fine sandpaper.

Final words, Seize Comparision and Examples
I love them :)
Oli did show some cool painted versions lately which i will include in here. You also get the seize comparision to it by remembering they are glued to a toothpick here - great job, Oli:

Here are some more examples for your inspiration by Raffa and myself:

If you want to buy yours check out this Link to the manufactures Homepage, they also have a retailer list there - Busch!!!

Thanks Oli for your unplanned reminder for me to make these small friends come out big - can't wait to see them around on different bases :)
Best Regards

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