Mu10 - Matrona Romano bust by Pegaso, 1:9

by Roman aka jar

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You really must think i am contracted to Pegaso Models - no there is no contract yet i am just doing another Pegaso bust, because i love the quality of their Sculpts. This time it is about the bust "Matrona Romana" in Scale 1:9. I will do 2 of them on comission for two different persons at the same time but with planned different results on each of their busts. This beautiful bust is sculpted by Andrea Jula and painted for promotion by Lorenzo Bartolomei from Italy, both did a fantastic job at their goals. Thanks for such masters outthere - always inspiring and such passion brings a painter's heart in rage, many thanks.

Unpacking the Lady

Like every Pegaso Sculpt it is delivered in a hard cover box which shows the promotion painting version. You can always be sure the model is safe in this box, always, they are really hard as a rock, but sometimes i fail in open those bust boxes seriously :)

After helping the lady out of her corset of foliage and the green weird christmas stuff material you will be greeted not only by a beautiful sculpted breast, there is for sure more on this bust - first it his a damn good quality of the cast like always. The Face is awesome and i really like her simplyness that caught my eye. Personal i got to say i fell in love with her hand and how it is sculpted - it is just amazing... click to enlarge like always - the set contains:

1x Head
1x Body
2x parts of the hair
1x Earing

The cast itself comes in great shape. Grey Resin and one piece of white metal (earring). There is a little cleaning work to do from casting rest but this is not really serious if you are equipped and willing. Positioning the parts works well without glue, they fit everywhere and no gaps have to be filled. Here is a detail shot of some parts:

Give yourself a chance and don't fear big models, it is such a pleasure to paint them...
I am really looking forward to bring up some paint on these 2 ladies :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

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