Tutorial - making another socket label

by Roman aka jar

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Don't you know i've heard it through the grapevine...

You know a gorilla ain't supposed to cry that is why i've asked Raffa for printing out a socket label which really is a cool version to bring upon your sockets and that was exactly what i was searching for.

Raffa did the design on the computer and printed it on clear film. Be sure about the size and if it ain't exactly clear to you print some different seizes. Make also sure that the letters are clear in your file and the rest is black - bow, enough talk, you might ask what i am talking about - here you go and from now on step by step...

Raffa mentioned:

First, you have to mirror your design on the computer horizontally before printing it.
Because you want to paint the back side and turn it around later on.

Second, be really really SURE that you bought the right transparent paper for your printer, if you put inkjet paper in a laser printer you can maybe throw away your laser printer because the plastic melts inside...

Third, best is to paint the sign before cutting it out, so you cannot paint the other side and it's more comfortable.

At the point above make sure you are taping the right side. Tape where you later on want your front and you can read the letters. The tape is an option to minimize failure due some dirt or whatever else could get there.

Next place your label on something sticky where you can remove it later on. I use Pattafix for this, but you can whatever you want for sure. You can now paint the untaped area with the colour you like or optional spray it with your airbrush, i choose the brush as i was too lazy to grap my airbrush. I've used a dark gold here - untape it and carefully glue it in place. When everything went well it looks cool. I choose the colour a bit too dark but in the end i am happy that the label won't get the main focus on the base - cheeryooo:

Hope this helps you out or can inspire you to your own socket labels, check out this alternative procedure of making another version of a socket label - if you got some questions left feel free to ask as this article was a bit short on text, but the photos do explain everything i guess. What you think?

There will be soon some final photos of this Dark Eldar lady standing on the workbench in WIP at the photo above...

Keep on happy painting!
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