Midnight wips

by Raffa

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Hey Jungle Lovers!

time to go to bed, but before i'll show you some hints of my current projects...
My Demonprince got a new head.. i just didn't like the GW ones...
i also updated some little spots and put on another layer of "where is everything" with my airbrush....

Here is a basecoated version of... the first.... nurgle marine conversion.
It's mainly made from forge world parts but with a personal note :)

Today i thought it would be a good day to start my next big project... so i started with a rough "sketch" of the citadel entry..... i get sick when i think about the work i have left with this project.......... arghhhhhhhhhh
oh and the terminator in the doorway is just a temporary placeholder.....

I hope you get some inspiration for your next projects :)



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