Mu08 - Supreme Intelligence bust by Schell Studios

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This is antoher Miniature Unpacked (Mu). This time it is again something really special. I have introduced Schell Sculpture Studio a while ago to you - it feels funny that Sculptor Jordu Schell needs an introduction as he is been up to some serious work over in the movie business - for example some days ago i found a book of "the making of AVATAR - the movie" and Mr. Schell was smiling at me from several images. This guy really kicks some serious booty. Ok, enough to this introduction, let's flow to the Mu...

There are also Resin Kits by Schell Sculpture Studio available and i fall in love with almost every bust. I now have one here, many thanks to Schell Studios - it is an amazing piece, called "Supreme Intelligence bust" from the Alien Series. When talking about the scale of the bust i have to say that is the point where our introduction is needed, it is BIG - big for those of us who only know small miniatures in 28 mm scale or even fear bigger miniatures in scale 54 mm. It is huge and comes in one piece, including the socket.

Now what makes this bust so special...
The sculpting is great, it is awesome, it is alive, even when looking on the grey Resin i feel that this Alien does breathe when i am not looking at it.  I hardly can imagine it painted and it is for sure a big challenge for me and a big honour to do so. When you look at the skin ... hugh, i can't find much words, it's breathtaking texture in there and the anatomy is so alive. I am looking forward to paint it up and will do a step by step article for our jungle readers in here.

As told the cast is great. Nothing to rework, nothing to clean, simply gorgeous... the big brain head has some tiny miniature holes which are fitting very well to the overall alive skin look, i am not sure if comes from the casting process. I did use putty on 3 of them and let the rest stay for a natural skin look. They are not the cheapest busts in the world, but if you look at this quality and its seize there is no doubt on that you did spent your money wisely. What more can i say - check it out here, i have prepared some views for you and will take this as start for my challenge. I hope you enjoy, click to enlarge...


I only can recommand the Schell Sculptures to you - there is a lot to learn from even looking at this bust for hours or turning it around in your hands. I can't wait to get some colour on this one and already started. I am doing a lot of oil colour testings over an acrylic basic the last days so here is a little preview from wet oil colours, early progress - the rest will follow in a step by step article as mentioned above...

I hope you've enjoyed this different MU and again at this spot, many thanks to Jordu Schell for such great pieces and more...

Keep on happy painting!

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