Blood Angels army for sale!

by Raffa

Hey everyone...

You know... sometimes you just have to get rid of something that blocks your head and feels like a chain on your foot holding you from freedom.
For me such a thing is my Blood Angels army.

I really love them, i invested countless hours converting, painting, assembling and giving my heart and sweat to those little fellas.

But now i really don't have the muse to play with them anymore.
I want to concentrate myself on pure display painting and there is no space for an army.

Today i photographed everything i want to sell.
If you want to make me a serious offer (and that is important because i'm not short on money and i have a lot of time) for the whole army, drop me a mail:

If i don't get a good offer in the next time i'll start selling squad by squad on ebay ;)

So, enough talk, let pictures speak :)

Click for larger view

Maybe it's an inspiration for fellow Blood Angels players :)



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