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by Roman aka jar

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After the questions still dropping in like the rain falls outside (btw i love the sound of soft rain) i am planning to do this FAQs more often. Question is:

You are great i love your work and articles,im new to this hobby and all and im learning from you!Can you tell me the exact camera model you use for your pics?i have made a good environment but i suck at camera technology haha!So if its possible you can just tell me the model and i try find it :p keep it up!!


I use a Panasonic DMC-TZ7, Lumix, 25mm Ultrawide angle

I am not really comfortable with the camera either as i suck at photography too. Sometimes when times allow it i am able to have pictures taken by Raffa, he really got some serious Pro Equipment :)

This camera is fine, but surely not the best, still having troubles to do good final photos with it. For quick WIP-Shots on the workbench it is very cool indeed.

Keep on happy painting!

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