La Pelle de 'Tulu - WIP

by Oli aka HonourGuard

posted by Oli, HonourGuard, silver leaf

I want to show you my actual project, this little guy from Maow Miniatures:

The eye doesn't look so good in the first picture, thats why I have a detail view for you.

And some other small Miniatures from Hasslefree, I painted in the near past:

This little madame won silver in the Duke of Bavarian in the Standart Painting category.

I tried to give a dark atmosphere to this vignette. 

Here are two of my hasslefree medieval kids from my diorama, I wanted to post pictures of it, but it's not so easy to photography bigger pieces :(

These days I test, how to use complimenter colours in the shadows. 

When I come to an fascinating result, I gonna tell it to you ;P

Best regards 


P.s.   I have a Massiv Voodoo Email account now, so if you have any questions or anything else,  feel free to ask me. 


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