Elquin - Highelf Adventurer - Reaper DHL

by Anonymous

Posted by Yvonne, Vhaidra, Guenon

Hi all. This time it didn`t take 3 months to finish a new mini. I can gladly say that I could make a "bit" progress. As some of you already know I try to improve my wetblending technique. Now it works on normal sized sculpts (28-33mm) too and so I could save up working time.

This Highelf Adventurer is a commissioned work for a gamer. Means: The mini is meant for gaming. So I had a limit for the working time and that has been 25 hours because the customer wanted a nice gaming mini (in fact he wished a showcase level mini for the price of a gaming mini,lol). But he is a nice guy and I know him well so I decided to paint a nice piece for the small money.

I ended up at 30 hours (I thought it would be necessary to add 5 hours) but now I think Elquin looks cool enough for gaming. But the base is of course the most simple kind. I put the working time in the mini.

Now I`m quite curious what you think about and especially if you think that 30 hours for the paintjob is good or if you still think that I`m much to slow. Be honesty please. I intentionally made big, sharp pictures so that you can see each mistake if you seriously watch out for it.

Cheers Yvonne


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