Show your booty! Prizelist

by Roman aka jar

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We finally are able to announce the full list of prizes you might be able to win with your booty wrapped in Massive Voodoo Wear. You will find this prizelist linked to the Contest rules very soon after this posting.

Now to the intresting part - the prizes.
Muchas Gracias to our hobby friends that support us on this one. There won't be a first, second or third place - but 3 butts in boxers or hot pants which impresses the Ape gang's oppinion about creativity the most will win one of the main prizes - randomly choosen...


A big load of the latest issues of the GAMEFORCES waits in this package. The GAMEFORCES magazine is a high quality hobby magazin which brings you great articles of wonderful miniature work. The prize you recieve will contain many issues of the magazin in english language for you to enjoy. Thanks a lot to Mario for making this happen.

FIGONE is the new shop of Alan Carrasco, Jeremie Bonamant and their friends. Those guys really got talent, everything in their shop goes BOOM! BOOM! with my heart, like a jungle drum - Great stuff! They provide a surprise box for the Contest. Surprisé! Surprisé!

Florian Nampot started this project and delivers a nice range of characterful miniatures. It is a very fresh project but if Florian rocks on this way it soon will grow. He also offers a some of his brand new stuff which will contain the following miniatures:

- 1x Mad Joe
- 2x Abraham Lincoln
- 1x Bébé Kabom (official available on 16th June)


Raffaele Picca's Weird Tiny Figures is also very young, like the guy himself, but he got kickass talent in everything he does. A small sortiment of his models are availabe at the moment but there is soon much more to come. He supports the contest with following miniatures:

- 1x Sgt. Cheeky Bust
- 1x Imperial Palace Guard

Everyone who takes part in the Contest has a chance to win those - we choose the sideprize-winners randomly ...

Maybe i am painting a miniature again - but this will be Surprisé! Now get your Voodoo-Wear to participate and Show your booty! All the rules can be found here!


So, i hope this rocks and maybe make you go ask your sister for her booty or present us your own - there is something in this hobby that you can call sexy, believe me or not, whatever your booty looks like, c'mon it is only a booty in clothes, where else can you win great miniature hobby stuff with that? :)

Keep on happy painting!


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