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by Oli aka HonourGuard

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I start with some facts about me. My real name is Oliver, but I prefer Oli ;) 

I am 18 years old, but I am soon 19. I come from Aichwald a little village 20 km next to Stuttgart. Did I forget anything important?^^

Okey lets come to my creative site. I paint Miniatures for a really long time now, but at first I just wanted to get my army painted and used the  figures for gaming. And a mini was finished in 10-20 minutes^^

Then 2 years ago,  I was at the Miniatures Art Convention, a cool paint event from Freebooter Miniatures. Then I saw what is possible to do on such a small piece of metal. Then I used the Internet  for learn new techniques. I didnt know anything about blending or NMM before. The first tries didnt look really good ;D But I think I could improve my skills much in this 2 years.

Yea, before I forget, my *artist  name* is HonourGuard, some of you may know me from other sites.

And now I am gonna show you what I have paint in the last months:

This JMD bust, brought me Gold in the Fantasy Master Painting Categorie at the Duke of Bavarian, I am very proud of this, because I entered it, in the standart category at first, and I thought it didn't win anything. And then they call my name in the master class :P

Ye, and a bigger Picture of the bust, the cape made me crazy, I had to mix the colour 20 times for finish it^^


And my latest finished Mini, a super detailed Mini from Red Box Games. But they are so tiny..^^ 

And finally a crazy Rackham Mini.

I am gonna post more in the future, because I have not many more pictures on my Pc at the moment.

you can find the other miniatures in my CMON gallery:

For questions, feel free to ask me.

Best Regards 



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