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by Roman aka jar

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After i got asked these questions via email and pm, i thought it would be good to answer them public for those who might be intrested too:

"Your blood angel is great! What was your recipe for the metallics?"
"hey Roman, I saw your awesome sanguinary garud and I just had a question what colors did you use for your NMM technique? I want to do my gaurd the same way"

Not easy, as it has been a lot of try and error during painting. First it is not NMM, these are True Metallic Metals.  

I did start him on a bright silver basecoat. Brought in light and shadows by glazing on the metallics with using Dark Sea Blue by Model Colour in the Metall colour mix and brought out the lights with a very bright silver tone by model air colour (this colour was by Raffa, as we did paint at his house - i did forget how it is named). 

Then i had a silver Marine and thought wow... gold would look much better. Then i mixed Tamiya Clear Red with Tamyia Clear Yellow to get Tamyia Clear Orange and worked with thin glazes over the complete armour to bring back the golden spirit of these models. Did this several times, also i have mixed in some more red or shadow colours (Dark Sea Blue, Dark Green) in those glazes to bring in differences in the metals. 

Afterwards i have carefully reworked some of the lights by using the brightest metal tone.
 I hope this helps somehow. Sorry that i can't reconstruct this better, but you know my brain :)

For more thoughts on painting True Metallic Metals you can check out this article...

Keep on happy painting!

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