Kong Fu?

by Roman aka jar

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Mmh... another boring Kong Fu rolling in. This time it is about television and radio, mostly the News issues, i am fine with music at all.

As i don't have a television since 8 years i can't really tell how it is when you got one at home. So i am talking about radio news, i guess you find the same issues in television too. I am not often listening to radio so i would say i am not always up to date on what is exactly happening in every corner of this planet, but news don't inform me with all this information, so there is no need for me to hope for it. Now, when i take my time to listen to radio music during my happy painting time i somehow feel very strange about the news items. Is there something happening in this world that is good? I mean, for example, not the rescue of someone who got lost while climbing some dangerous mountains, at least this is something good, but i mean something BIG. Is there hope for some chances to hear something really big about a good progress in humanity or something else?

I wonder were this all ends...

Kong Fu out!



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