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I won't lose the fight against my camera and it took a while of googling and reading and taking practical exercises but tonight i've won the fight. I switched the latest photos of the Chinese Lady and the Cheng-Xiao-Chen with some i did in the last 2 hours... yeppa! I am happy with them, but they are not as good as those Raffa is able to do, but at least they are done with my own equipment that i finally did understand a bit more...

To avoid spam - here is a funny WIP from Wonderland Projects, very cool bust to paint, named "Mad Joe" size of my thumb i would say... still WIP:

This unpainted bust is one of the PRIZES of the Show your booty! - Take your chance here!

There is a tutorial about painting eyes on 28 mm and busts in progress, lululula :)

Keep on Happy Painting!


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