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by Roman aka jar

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Music. I hope you readers out there are not bored? Anyhow, sometimes i got those days where i feel like a big grotzilla walking through a tiny city. It feels i can post and post and post and post and do things here and there and there and everywhere... today is such a day so i might be a bit annouying to some of you, but that is not a fact i spent a lot of thoughts, hey c'mon we are in the jungle and i can hear your heart beat, like a jungle drum...

I want to talk about Music.
There was an age undreamed of.
It's been a while since i have talked about this.
Mad world.
Can it be all so simple...

So far from my painting music updates. I hope you like this selection. You can now find them all together sorted in my new personal playlist palace. May you have so much time for painting like i have. Good Music is the key for mostly every thought.

Keep on happy dancing!


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