Introducing myself

by Max aka The Maxican

Hello all!

After Oli already introduced himself I don't want to stay behind:

My name is Max, I'm 28 years old now, feeling something between ten and 40 years, living in the very north of Germany and - as you would never have expected - I paint miniatures.
That's already the most important about me... What else to say? Well, the miniatures I'm painting are growing bigger each year. I restarted two years ago after having left the hobby for more than ten years with some 28mm, GW and Rackham, went on to 54mm, up to 75mm, busts and meanwhile my first 90mm miniature is awaiting its painting. I really like historical subjects, but I would never want to miss painting fantasy figures as well. It's a good addition, especially to free your mind and let paint just flow as it wants to. It should always be fun, which brings you to your painting desk. The results speak for themselves usually.

I was very suprised when Roman asked me to be a part (a small one) of this blog, being a little monkey in his big and overwhelming jungle. I hesitated a while, not knowing if I could be a equal part of this gang. Got to say, I don't know yet, but I will do my very best :D

My latest works have already been shown here, but I like to recall them to your mind ;-)

I was more than happy winning a silver medal in Master Painting at this years Duke of Bavaria with these two. It was a great surprise to me, because I didn't expect such a high mention.
Unfortunately I could'nt find any pictures of some older miniatures of mine to show you. They at least would have been of much worse quality than those up there Raffa took for me (Gratitude, Raffiatus ;-) ).

When painting isn't a friend of mine, those days you'd rather brake your brushes, smash the fig and curse your colours, I try to sculpt a little. Mostly I'm doing busts, unfortunately haven't finished one. But you should try sculpting as well. It's really fun and your opportunities in this hobby grow.

So far from me for today. Can't tell when you will read from me here next time, but I know there will be others to take place for that.

Only one thing left to say: Keep on happy painting!

With best regards
Max aka The Maxican formerly known as Leichtmatrose


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