Cheng Xiao-Chen finished...

by Roman aka jar

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This is a gtG, a gift to Guido :)

Helldorado, Immortal Magician, 28 mm

Finally i have finished those 2 miniatures from Helldorado, Cheng Xiao-Chen  and Xian . First i had another base planned but i got stuck in it so it's kept simple to finish what i have started long ago. Again i am saying thanks to you Guido for your help a while ago and your patience in the last year :) - I hope you like it, even the photos are really making me sad - i stop trying to make photos with my own camera... bruaahhh!! I'll try to make some new photos next week again when i am at Raffa's ... bruaah! I'll promise to do better pictures... not a single clue why my camera sucks so much lately... guess i'll hit the reset button soon... damn! Bruaahh!

Guido, hope you are reading this - please drop me an email at jarhead(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com to have some further organisation planning :)

Best Regards


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