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by Roman aka jar

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Muse, muse, muse... thanks for being with me. As the Chick Challenge opens for a new round i have to do something for it.This is really a very nice competition and it grows from year to year, so hopefully you be a part of it, when it your brush comes to the female characters and booty.

This year there are also important news about the showing of your miniatures while the contest time is still running:

"All miniatures never seen online or displayed after 1st of January 2010 will be acceptable. Peculiar cases will be managed by the Arbiter. For the whole period of Chick Challenge, the miniatures can be participating to any online or real life contests."

Now that means, no hiding, no waiting, simply showing a WIP if you want to. That is great! Thumbs up to the Legio Pictorium guys! Yeah!

My actual WIP looks like this, still early WIP. First i thought about converting this lady but after i had here in my hands i saw how tiny she really is and that a conversion would not be easy, so i will try to concentrate my muse on the joy of painting instead of running into another conversion without an end, bad photo i know :)

Keep on happy painting and grab a lady soon to bring her to the Chick Challenge 2010!


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