Jungle News No05

by Roman aka jar

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I just had a thought about writing some Jungle News again as a lot changed in the last few weeks and a lot of things going on at the moment in the secret rooms of the Ape Crew. Let me inform you as far as i can remember :)

Important things first. Once again... Really with a lot of weight i would like to introduce to you 2 new Apes for the jungle gang. 2? I thought he was talking only about one before. Yeah i did, but i'll explain the unstoppable growing of the crew. Sure you sometimes might think, yeah the Ape gang is growing but there is not more traffic than usual in here. Hell yeah and that is no problem. Becoming a part of the Ape Crew doesn't mean you have to put tons of effort into the jungle, at least it somehow stays what it was in its birth, Kong's lair, sharing it with some really, really great people and friends. They are invited to post their stuff in here to show it to those interested and are welcome when they do as often as they like or can. You know the time doesn't stand still and the globe is turning round and round, day per day... there might be more important things in life to handle. I am glad and happy when sometimes the muse strikes my fellow comrads to write down their thoughts in here, but i won't push them too. There is enough pushing out in this world, we don't need it in the jungle :)

2 Apes joining the party now. For sure not the last ones, hehe!

First i want to introduce some kind of genius to me. A real quiet and disciplined guy in the first
 impression, but he is a hell of Warrior when it comes to Miniatures. When you see him you would not bring him in contact with miniature painting/scultping or such nerdy things, but deep inside his big chest there pumps a bright heart which always focuses his mind to miniature painting, even it is only one thought a day. I meet him several times and did spent moments of privacy with him, which i won't tell the world in here. Becoming an Ape doesn't depend on only having your moments with Kong. It is about if Kong feels the spirit of true painting inside you. A heart that brings miniature painting forward in its evolution only by painting and making blabla to it. Blabla this Ape is good at and for sure he paints stuff that i really love. Simple perfect addition to the jungle, welcome: Max, THE MAXICAN! (i will leave more words of introducing to the guy himself, i am sure he will show some his work to us when he does... but no pressure, you know! I am glad to have you joining the familia.

Second there is OLI. This young Oli got painting spirit like a mountain chain has snow on top. I met Oli last year on one of my painting classes in Göppingen. He is young and chosen by the gods themselfes when it comes to his talent. He really is addicted to painting and fullfills the will of the gods with a happiness in his heart that leads to no single doubt about it. Oli also got balls and i like people who are true to life and show their balls. After we had several fine conversations at the weekend of the Duke of Bavaria he simply wrote me an email about asking my thoughts about joining the gang. Wow! Normally i do invite my friends in here, but he caught my attention that way. 17 years old, balls like they were a gift from the gods. Yeppa, that is heart. This fella did get standing ovations of mine for his work he has shown in the Duke of Bavaria Competition, ridiciolously great i would say. It is my pleasure to introduce Oli as a member of the jungle! If you search for painting spirit, ask him he got it in numbers which even would have make the Spartans flee. I am glad to have you joinging the familia. You'll get more information about this soon on the telephone, haha.

Uhm, yeah... all these things, like the latest MVTV and the addition of new family members need time. Time is not always there, that is why things are going slow in here, but they are rolling, don't worry about that. Not yet, but soon ...

After our Nerd days and the Competition really took a lot of attention away from writing emails and stuff i just want to remember you of something very important to me: Booty!

Actual we are up again collecting the price list and preparing the prices, which will make you show us your booty or the one of a friend for sure, muhahaah. Soon more information, but you might need "Multipass" to check more informations out of this unbelievable contest!

Guess most of you seen it. There is now a youtube channel which will bring you pure Miniature joy out of the jungle when time was a friend and we prepared the tons of video material we already got and make all time long. There will be painting guides, Show reviews, blabla, hopefully booty and additional to our miniature pictures sometimes a video to a miniature. Not yet, but soon... You find the channel here, subscribe to stay updated: Massive Vooodoo TV

Not really mentionable changes. I did 2 Contrast Shirts (male and female) and a girlie hoodie as i saw we don't offer them yet. Check them out in the MVWear Store over here.

MASSIVE VOODOO on facebook
Yeah, i still don't know why but we are on facebook. Thanks for your support and subscribtions there. We try to inform you regularly about the most important updates over there.

I got some plans for that. I want to change the interface to make it easier to navigate. More about this when the time has helped me with that plan.

Also i have to say big thanks to Alba from Spain who will help out in the future to provide the spanish version of the article section. I am really thankful and as soon as i have collected myself and start the reworking of the article section the translation will begin. We are searching for help for other languages. So if you are intrested in making the article section easier to understand for your countrymen, please write a email to jarheadATmassivevoodooDOTcom.

I can not offer much to you in return, only honour and glory by naming you within the article you did the translation for, big and phat. Also my thanks will be yours.

Mmh... i guess the MVPlaylist-thing will stop as it takes a lot of time watching youtube all day long in search for everyone's favourites. Every ape can post if he likes, but no DJ Bobo anymore ;)

If anyone is intrested in my Music i am listening to please feel invited to check out my Playlist or Favourites which will be updated sometimes, maybe. This one i really like these days while painting Captain Crixus of the Crimson Fists :)

What is inspirational, maybe for one or the other. Not much. There is not much that brought me much inspiration beside this cool series of Spartacus - Blood and Sand. Big thanks to Ridvan for showing me these great moments. The Actor Manu Bennot will be honoured for his powerful inspiration to me due the series in an upcoming miniature, haha.

You got to check out Simon's blog linked up in the blog list. I was ever fascinated by the stuff he is doing, now i have seen them in real life again at the Duke of Bavaria - awesome stuff without a doubt. Checkt it out here: http://simon-modrow.blogspot.com/

Mmh... jepp. The muse is in my heart. My girlfriend got my camera lent so i can't shot pictures at the moment of what i am doing. That makes me sad as i really want to share my ideas and thoughts with you. I've learned to stop sharing my muse somehow. Sure there are times she is stronger and some where she leaves me, but i felt i can change this. Very often when i want to start something my telephone rings and i have to do a break before i did even start. I will change that and switch my telephone off when i want to concentrate and focus on things.

The muse is back because i annhilated my nemesis. The latest painted JMD Demon was bought at the Duke of Bavaria 2009 and i had so much ideas for such a great sculpt. Soon i was traveling in the dark, no light in sight and too many ideas, too  much i wanted to have him involved with. Now he did find his end in a more simple idea i do like very much, personal - as it shows the regain of control again to me... I hope there soon will be pictures of it so i can show you what i mean a bit more preciously.

Talking about Forums, i did recently in this article. I am used to be part of a lot of german painting and Tabletop-Forums, more than are healthy to me but there are changes on the horizon. I won't be very often on www.Max-Paint.de for the future as time has shown to me that the administration of the board isn't searching for the same road i did choose to walk on. The road of Happy Painting and to it the birth of Massive Voodoo. I loved to be a part of the great times on this site. Times where people helped eachother a lot and times where a lot of my painting friends have been active on this board. There have been a lot of people invensting millions of minutes to bring painting further and help others. I did also. I had my strange moments with the guy doing the administration and today it feels there are not many painters there, who hold up the flag for Happy Painting! Sure there are, everyone who paints with joy, but the Lord of the board makes my head sometimes aching in pain and i will simple stop being there to also stop his brain from aching about thoughts that have nothing to do with happy painting. I am thankful that my mind did realize this over the last years.

Everything happens with a reason, you know - and my reason is to bring joy of painting to those really intrested in going this path. Some now might think, ahh, Roman that is really evil, you can't do this and you are crazy and you are stupid. I just want to say that i do this with a crying in my eyes about leaving the community, but with a smile on my face when i think about a mind full of freedom. I claim to say that i really did a good job amongst others over on his board in helping and bringing the Forum further, making advertisment for the forum by linking it up from everywhere, writing articles to it but somehow saying thanks for such things is to dislike and forbid these things on his own site when Massive Voodoo comes in talk. Sure i made maybe mistakes by my moves i did, not all understandable for everyone and for sure there are always two different views on such a happening by the persons involved - i just wanted to end this, make struggling the mind of both sides end.

Those who know what i am talking about here might see this as a good step in the future. Most of them are not anymore on this board, because they have their reasons. This is just my own interpretation of things which have happened in the past and my idea of the way the past helps me to find it in the future.

Whatever, just wanted to say this and i'll keep my head clean from chat and blabla if this is right or wrong, in the end it feels right to me and that is a good sign. I simply say sorry to those who are not involved in this situation and might not understand what i have decided. This means no offending to the community of MaxPaint.de or some one connected to it, also this is my personal thought and my personal conclusion, please don't think i would say such things without a reason or maybe for the whole Massive Voodoo Team, simply personal in doing the Kong Fu - I will keep the focus on...

Keep on happy painting!

PS: Music!


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