Kong's Melancholy

by Roman aka jar

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Once i was standing in front of my cabinet and had this on my mind:
Everytime i put some miniatures there, they're soon be gone because i am trying to make a living from them - thanks to everyone who supports my passion in any form.

Selling miniatures.
It doesn't make me sad as i have learned to manage this with my heart.
I simply enjoy the miniatures while working with them, doing my version of the model with the paintjob.
I never thought i would be sad again about a miniature leaving my cabinet.
Suddenly i was sad by the last 2 pieces i sold: Butterfly and Soul Guardian, they are now on the way to their new owner in Spain. I am glad that these two pieces might show up on some miniature events after Victor takes them with him. Thanks for this too.
I know they will be in good hands and i am very thankful of this thought and also very thankful with their new owner. Sometimes i feel this little ichy pain inside my chest that i still can love my own creations... damn, haha!

I am really happy that i have started some miniature exchanges and already did some. These will be the miniatures that never leave my cabinet and it is my honour to have them. Thanks so far to:

Scott Radom
Fabrizio (Shiraga)
Andrea Terzolo (MXP)

So this is simple a view in my actual soul, maybe the reason because i am a bit more quiet these last days.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards


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