MASSIVE changes in Tutorial Area...

by Roman aka jar

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Uff... i am completly brainless... need a new banana tree to hang around now.

The Tutorial Article Section of MASSIVE VOODOO now got a new interface, which i hope explains itself. Hard hours of brain work in html and tons of useful hints from my apes have been the reason that this section of the jungle is now easier for us to update. I will never do 70 banners again and clean up that html mess i first did in there, haha. Ahh, my brain hurts...

We hope it is also easier and nicer for you to navigate with the new banners. The new banners may look like this for example:

Thinner, more elegant and IMPORTANT with an additional information if this tutorial is available in other languages you might be searching for. Yet, there are not much translated, only the blood tutorial for now, but this will change by time in the future. Simply click on the article you like and now you can choose your language you like, if it is available.

I want to say BIG THANKS to Alba again for his help translating our articles into spanish (sorry that i did not response earlier, this really took my brain off).

Here is the new Area Introduction Text which guides you through to have a good start:

"Welcome to the Tutorial Section of MASSIVE VOODOO...
Please take a minute to read the introduction for this area so you can have a happy time in here.

You may find tons of Articles about Miniature Painting, Sculpting and maybe other important hobby stuff in here written by the apes. 
They are arranged in categories to provide a simple navigation - for the categories we have used big banners, below them you find the articles. Those articles are linked via a banner that gives you a preview on what is behind it. Simply click the banner to get to the article you want to read. Important: We are working on translation of the articles to tender them in different languages. You will see a country flag in the article banner, if the article is already translated. Simply click the banner and choose your language afterwards. If you got some questions about something written in one of the articles simply post them via comment below the article. As soon we find the time we try to answer it.

I want to thank those great people who help us with the translation work - if you miss your language in here and want to help us, please feel free to contact Roman!

If you like what you can find here we would be happy about any kind of a

Now let's get it on with some miniature related blabla and roars out of the jungle. 70 unique articles (at the moment) are waiting for you to read them - Happy Painting!"

Let us know what you think about these changes. The article section needs your oppinion to improve. More tutorials to come in the future. Tell your buddies about it and bring them to swing their brushes!

Keep on happy painting!


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