Massive Voodoo TV addition...

by Roman aka jar

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The Massive Voodoo TV got some serious updates going on tonight. As the final reports of the Duke of Bavaria are still in the waiting line the muse has again wandered the jungle and brings you some videos of miniatures that we have shot during our Nerd-Camp-days (NCd).

Big thanks to Raffa for his great offering of time to make this a really usefull addition to the jungle - this is just a preview of the quality of shots Raffa did of the Displays of the Duke of Bavaria... humm, the muse is back and she seems to walk along with us to guide us on the dusty roads of fortune. And she is smiling :) - Hope you enjoy those videos, they really give a better view on the miniatures than a photo ever could do, try to watch them in HD:

Keep on happy painting all around!


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