Brushlicking and possible risks??

by Oli aka HonourGuard

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At first I want to clarify that I don't want to start any totally exaggerated discussions about how dangerous Brushlicking can be. I just thought this might could be interesting for anybody.

A half year ago, I had some problems with my healthiness, I went to the hospital. They told me, I have an hard fungal attack on my gullet ( I must suggest now, that it sounds harder then it was in real ). But they didn't know where it comes from.  I got my medicine and the problem was solved a few days later.

A week ago, I got the self symptoms again and I got the same medicine again. I don't feel any pain or something, but I wanted to know what it is and where it comes from.

Now the main point, why I write is: 

I went to my house doctor and asked him, if its possible, if this is associated with miniature painting/brushlicking. But he said *no* at first, because the colours have no toxic materials inside for many years now. Then I told him, that my father thinks, that there are growing funguses in my painting water. Because I often didn't change my water for many days. The doctor agreed to this opinion. We came to a solution, I just have to change the water every day and put some drops of Äthanol (this is high percently alcohol)  in it, because this kills bacteria, there shouldn't be any problems anymore. I am very happy now, that I can continue painting like before ;)

I thought a long time about posting this or not,  maybe it isn't the right place here. But as I said on the start of this text, I just thought this might be informative for anybody.

Best regards


P.s I hope nobody get me wrong, with  this provocative title ;P



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