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This time it is about something from my heart. As i am making a living from miniature painting - as all the readers might know meanwhile - it is very hard for me to keep something in my cabinet. I am up to sell my latest pieces and just thought to inform you about that as i don't want to put them on ebay lottery. Maybe there is a collector out there who really likes them and wants to have such unique pieces in their cabinet. It is important to me that they really find a good home, so i try it this way instead of ebay.

First it is the scene that won me a Fantasy Master Gold medal in Ingolstadt this year, Butterfly - you can find a bad picture and a good video of it linked up here:

Good video of Butterfly
Bad Picture of Butterfly

The other piece i am up to sell is Soul Guardian. You can find a not so good video and a better picture here:

Bad video of Soul Guardian
Better photo of Soul Guardian

If you are a collector and you are intrested in having one of these pieces at your home, please contact me via email at jarhead(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com for further information. Please write to this email in which piece you are intrested so i know what info you need.

Would be great to see them find a new good home. As soon as possible i try to bring up better photos of Butterfly, as i need to make some for an Article in a printed Magazin and also a better video of the Soul Guardian, also i am trying to get some close up shots of the boy... as i need them also for another Mag article, you see busy, busy, busy :)

Keep on happy painting!


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