FAQ - Colour Scheme?

by Roman aka jar

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Joseph asked me:
I can't figure out what kind of colors this model is painted with, heres a link to the pic, hope you can help me: klick!

My answer:
I would mostly work with Codex Grey, Snot Green and Hawk Tourquise. I feel these colours everywhere in the skin and plates. Surely they are mixed to a basic colour tone from which you might start.

After you have mixed it i would go into the lights with something like bleached bone. At the claws there seems to be a bit of Regal Blue in the shadows, maybe a drop of black in it for the deepest shadows (a lot on the facial area). At the upper plates i guess most of your work will do that greyish green basic colour you've created with the light addition. A bit of red, teracotta seems to be in there too. Mix it in or do a soft glaze afterwards if you want to achieve this look.

Back to basic colour:
I guess the skin could be started from the same colour mix but with much more white in the basic tone to make it brighter.

The reds look like maybe scab red highlighted with dwarf flesh...

Oh oh, it's late... hope my thoughts can help you further!
Keep on happy painting!

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