WOOHHOOOWW!!! Valhalla!!!

by Roman aka jar

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Mkay... how can i describe WOOHHOOOWW!!!??

I am totally stunned because of my painting friend from Italy, Andrea. WOOHHOOOWW!!
He really makes me soooooooo happy - i can't find a better word to write than WOOHHOOOWW!!

We both did a miniature exchange, Andrea( MXP over on CMON) gets my Cain and Abel Diorama which still waits here for him - i am too scared to sent it via post. So we have to meet up my friend when the time is ready :)

In return he gave to me his outstanding gift yesterday, a piece of art and skills and masterpiece and WOOHOOOWW!!!:

I am so thankful and i quickly asked Andrea that i want to paint something else for him than Cain and Abel, something that goes a bit more WOOHHHOOOWW!! but he is fine with  my little scene. Andrea, in paint we trust and i am very, very thankful and i hope we both meet up soon to finally shake hands.

Uff...woooohhh... :)
Best Regards

PS: Andrea also helps to translate Tutorials in italian + Marc is up to do it in french + Alba in spanish + myself in german! Wow, folks i am so thankful of your help! WOOHHHOOOWW!!


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