Tutorial - Making a Mortheim gaming base

by Roman aka jar

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the jungle trees are bouncing to the beat and as i am trying to get used to my new camera i am making photos of mostly everything i do. That makes some Tutorials when i can find the time, no worry i can write really fast :)

Next one is about how to make a nice Mortheim Gaming Base. Nothing more, nothing less.

I took 2 Warhammer Fantasy base by Games Workshop, some Milliput and a horse skull by Tin's Bitz. Here is the result, starting off with the painting process, still early WIP for sure:

The base has been built this way... Using one of the bases cut in the middle and preparing some Milliput (not yet mixed in the picture):

Glued one of the cutted half on top of the complete base using super glue (Milliput now mixed in that picture):

Next i put the Milliput up the gaming base. Taking care of clean edges already at this stage. Let this dry about 10 Minutes before the next step, because cutting, which follows in the next step is easier when the Milliput has become a bit more massive.

Followed by Cutting with a Cutting Knife.

Followed by the start of cutting out some single stones. No hectic in forming them to your wish that still can be done, when you got a better overview where you go. From ruogh work to clean work.

I did cut out the stones, wanted them to be old ones in a lost city where millions of mortals have set theeir feet on. For this - while forming out the stones with a knife-looking sculpting tool - i have damaged the stones at the edges and randomly disformed their volumes. The skull was glued at place with super glue.

After everything was dry (about 4 hours) i did clean the edges up with a fine sandpaper to make them plain. And for sure i did start the painting - at the moment it looks like this, for sure as said before, early in the beginning, like my photo skills:

Keep on happy painting!


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