Tutorial - How to make icicles

by Roman aka jar

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Another one rolling in as i am snowed in at the moment, at least it feels like ... mmh, now the fitting article to this cold out there.

How to make icicles

First, this is just one idea how to make those. Raffa told me lately and showed me how, now i am testing it. Check some icicles on pictures to see how they rise - pictures for inspiration!

I try to avoid to make them so complex as they are in real :)

What you need:

- Some Superglue
- a lighter
- a tweezer
- a toothpick
- a scissor
- a clear small plastic round, which i got from Raffa
- Watereffect, 1 component or clear acrylic paste

How to?

Look at the plastic thing close:

Burn one edge with the power of your lighter, take the tweezer quickly and get it carefully pulled longer. Really be enourmous careful here, hot plastic on your skin or somewhere else really makes you say "Ahh Daaaaaaaaammmmmmmm!", i know what i am speaking of :) - let it dry that way, i mean long, taking only seconds...

Now cut down single pieces. Doing this several times makes me do some ressources to work with:

Now put a drop of super glue somewhere it is allowed to you. Pick up your toothpick, one side hits the super glue, points to the place where the icicle shall be placed, turning the toothpick, make this side wet with your tongue and pick up the icicle. Place it. Do this several times to get all icicle up to the painted, finished base. Don't mess up that toothpick thing, super glue on your tongue also sucks, you know... :)

Now get some Watereffect on the places where the icicles hit the stone, where the water comes together to form an icicle, use an old brush for this or whatever you may find... cicle, ciccieeic,  icci ... strange word to type, haha.

Result, still WIP...

Hope this is understandable. Try it, let me know if i did forget something... Thanks for Raffa showing me this stuff :)

So far - Keep on happy freezing!

PS: Damm cold it is... to stay warm in your hearts i only can show you this and tell you to drink a cup of chilling tea... showing something, brain, showing something... stay warm in your heart!

Too many icicles in one project:


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