Kong got asked...

by Roman aka jar

...several things lately, haha. Trying to pick out some answers for the blog too, so i can link them in the future in case the same question drops in again somedays.

Carl asks:

"I see you have a new camera, can i ask what camera you bought? I've got my painting to the point where i'd like to put it on show and am not sure what kind of camera is good for that kind of thing."

Roman answers:

Sure you can! You see it takes while until i am able to answer, sorry for days i can not. My new camera with your great help is now a digital camera named "TZ7 Lumix" by Panasonic. As i am not really a photographer i have not really something to say about it, it works well, better than my old one a Nikon Coolpix until it died.

Raffa did inform me about the camera that his parents got this one and it is really good in making detailed pictures and quality ones, also as told it does really good movies. I did not know much more, bought it for Christmas with the help of a lot of people, including my parents (thanks again to you all). I am still finding out by experimenting. All i can say is i am very pleased even i did not check it at all yet... Hope that helps, Carl. For sure there will be some Photographing Articles in the Tutorial section sooner or later.

Another question by Carl:

"When you paint models for the game table, what shortcuts do you take. for example, your black legion stuff looked awesome even though you spent less time than you normally would?"

Roman answers:

 You are talking about those Black Legion Chaos Space Marines i guess. Shortcuts look the way that i don't paint extrem Light and Shadows on the miniatures like i would do on a display figure. This work with light/shadow contrast takes much time, if you want to do it somehow clean and less highlightning keeps time in frame. Also i work a bit dirtier than usual, for example i did paint the Black Legion guys with a basic mix of Chaos Black and a tip of a various colour to make it more a greyish black. Then i took an ink by GW, for example Devlon Mud in that Case and mixed in a tip of normal Chaos Black (to avoid getting it shiny and to stay similiar to the Basic colour). This has been thinned with water and has been brought over the whole miniature after every part has been painted in its bright basic colour. The inkmix brings in deepth. After dried, i clean up the mess with starting back at the basic colour and do some highlights.

Hope this helps! Keep on happy painting!



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