Weekend Playlist Adding IXX

by Roman aka jar

posted by Roman, Kong, jarhead

Oh dear...

you all might think i must have lived without music at all in the last weeks. I didn't. Music was always with me i just had no time to drop my thoughts and music in here. I am not sure if anyone is really intrested in the music that inspires me to paint, think about paint or just relax. Whatever, the jungle is big so those who are not intrested are always welcome to just ignore things they are not intrested in. As i have passed about 2 weekend addings to the playlist i maybe will do some more songs in this one.

First one goes out as a tribute to the muse, which drives me, no idea what she really is but she is there in my heart. I was listening a lot to this great movie Soundtrack the last weeks and this song is just awesome - the video, which shows a scene from the movie is some kind of definition to on how maybe my muse or muses should look like, when i'll meet her/them - in the end my muse is always doing the same to me, haha - i hope you enjoy:

You now might realize that i really love that movie and the Soundtrack - here goes another one from it:

I am boring i know:

Another one, which i love:

One for the ladys... thanks, Raffa for showing me, haha, so great:

That's it... not more - the muse did spoke to me :)

Keep on happy painting!


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