Tutorial - Snow on a base A

by Roman aka jar

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this little Tutorial will show an easy way to get some snow on your bases. Please notice that this is really a quick technique and for sure will not achieve the highest quality results, but it does look fine and is quick :) - that is why this tutorial is named "A". As i spoke with Raffa lately and he told me that he will bring up the "B-Version" ;)

Ok, Step by Step. When you want to have snow on your bases like explained with this quick technique, then finish up your paintjob first. Finish him up to everything. Then you need this:

- PVC Glue
- an old brush
- bicarbonate of soda (in Germany it is called "Natron", i am not sure if i found the right translation to it)

Take your old brush and bring up some PVC Glue at the places you wish to be snowy later on. 

Then bring up the bicarbonate of soda by carefully throwing it at the places your PVC glue waits. Let everything dry (about 30 Minutes) and then go outside to blow away the non-fixed snow, you may also do this in your room, but then do it next to the carbage. Now you may redo the step before if the snow height is too small for your wish. 

The finish snow base could look like this:

This is actually my common way i use snow on miniatures - tested around a lot in the past few years and i got stuck at this technique. The "B-Version" by Raffa will be done with the Snow Powder by
Andrea Miniatures and i have seen the results - you could call this "B-Version" the deluxe way of bringing realistic snow on your bases - this one hear is the cheap one :)

Hope this could help some of you out there - Keep on happy painting!


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