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It seems that the apes are happy to be back in the jungle. A lot of postings in here - i hope this doesn't go too fast for anyone reading here. If so there is still the option in reading the archives, you know - this will gain extra bananas :)

I did start two models at the latest workshops as i wasn't able to paint a daemonette again after so many i had done before. At the Hamburg Painting Class i did start a Hasslefree Zombie, named Ashlee and today i did finish her. 

Again i have to say how much i love those Hasslefrees. She was meant to be a prototype in showing painting techniques at the workshop, but you may see that i had my fun in a strange way... ok, i hope no one feels offended by the uglynes added to this miniature - i thought about that she has become zombie just a moment ago while she was fighting zombie hordes with her pistol in dark backstreets... then she got killed and got up as a zombie again, totally confused and brainless... i would shit my pants in that moment waking up with no brain... so far to the explanation... sorry for any kind of offending this might occure.

I didn't want to spent a lot of time on her, so i finished her up quickly to get to some other projects waiting for me. The base she stands on comes from Micro Art Studio.

Still not sure on the way my camera works when taking a photo of a miniature in the photobox, really need help her badly @ Raffa, haha. Whatever, here she goes or better stumbles... and i also took a reference on her - that is always important, haha - reference link!

Hasslefree's Zombie Ashlee, 28 mm

The other model i did start on the last weekend has been a Games Workshop Uruk Hai from their Lord of the Rings Range, prepared in way to less time before the workshop. Great basing on the workshop also shows some fingerprints on the base, haha. Painted to be finished to get myself to some other projects. Nothing special here, but i think he could do look nice on the gaming table.

Uruk-Hai, Games Workshop, 28 mm


Both captured on photo with lightning in the cabinet, click for larger view:

Mkay... i guess both of them are going to be on ebay soon. For sure they are up to CMON, even they are not models i have spent millions of minutes on. Here are the links - stay honest ;) - they could both not rise high, i know that:

Also i managed to get some new pictures of the latest painted Khorne Bloodcrusher after i had reworked some small areas. He is painted up to be in use on the gaming table with some more of his demon fellas:

Bloodcrusher of Khorne, Games Workshop, 28 mm 


Good to be home again ...

Keep on happy painting!


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