Nintphegoz - Lord of the Undeads finished!

by Raffa

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Hey everyone,
this was a small "get-my-head-free-for-new-stuff" project i made this week.

I know it's by far not my best work but somehow i like it even if it's nowhere near the quality of the promotion paintjob (damn good!!!) but i don't care as long as i get my "finally-finished-reward-banana"!

It even has fingerprints on the milliput from the base.... sorry big kong to steal your trademark hahaha *poke*

I wanted to try out how fast i could reach a level of quality i could live with and after all everything took 3 days (ok, i have to admit i've played very much Modern Warfare 2 hahaha... damn game uses too much of my free time, but it ROCKS!)

I've tried out some stuff and painted most of the surfaces with wet blending and used colors i would normally not use...
I had some fear painting this mini because of all the tiny details but after all i have to say it was really fun to paint and all that fear had no reason...
If you like this mini, buy it and try it out! I didn't even care about molding lines... because this mini basically had NONE.. very cool sculpt.

ok so much bla bla for such a paintjob.. ok i will stop, leave a comment if you like it or if you just want to tell me how much the paintjob sucks and that i shouldn't waste my time on such hasty stuff and playing MW2 :D



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