Workshop Review Munich

by Roman aka jar

Hey Ho Hooray...

anther painting class has passed at the last weekend and this for sure was a special experience.

Thanks to my man Jim for making everything ready to rumble at this place and also to the Orga Crew of the tabletop gaming competition of the "Isauren 2010". It was my pleasure to get to know you guys. Great work from your side, for us and for all the tabletopgamers around.

Again a special Thx goes out to my man Raffa for joining me at this workshop again with his experience and friendship (he is solid like a rock when the ocean rages!!). We are not brothers in arms, we are brothers in colours, Dude! :)

Thanks to all the participants who made this weekend what it had become and all the helping hands sorrounding us. Thanks for your Feedback to the class at the Also big thanks to my man Andreas for bringing me tons of great coloured pigments from Venice :) - it was really nice to meet some painting friends alongside the class and the tournament - thanks for your visits from Augsburg and Munich :)

Again a big thanks to Max Paint for supporting the class with MiniNatur.

Special Experience on this painting class??
Now Let me explain...

I had been asked to do a painting class beside a big german tabletop tournament called the "Isauren" in Munich. Normally the painting class takes 2 and a half days. At this place time was limited to 2 days. Unfortanetly we didn't not have the single room for the painting class as we did expected so starting the class did need a lot of improvisment in the start building up everything in the tournament hall where 80 ~ 90 people played their Warhammer Fantasy battles. First shocked for a moment but a short prayer to the one and only McGyver gaves energy and believe back. Thanks to all the participants for their understandement and help in this critical phase of the class. I really appreciate your patience of doing the best of the given circumstances. How we have been lucky to split the theory part in a more quiet area, haha. Wow, McGyver rules.

Even the class was only 2 days and some hours less than the usual workshop we do, i had somehow a good feeling of getting mostly all of my program done. The key to this had been that every participate should bring a prepared miniature to the class. Based, Cleaned and black basecoated. That gave us the time we lost without the Friday but also was a curse in my eyes. I guess i will never do that again. Let me explain why: When using the same model for everyone, in my case the daemonettes the participants have way more freedom on their minds while bringing my theory parts and the painting on the miniature itself together in the end. In our case i somehow felt that some always had the thought of "Having the own miniature, which they brought being painted up to fit in their army, which stands at home!"... As this was a test, i have learned a lot in it and came to the conclusion that i will never do something like that again.

Whatever, in the end the feedback to the participants has been a real pleasure to read and i am real thankful that you like what Raffa and me did to you in these 2 days with the given circumstances. I am happy that Happy Painting will rise again in your hearts and at the workbenches. That's it all about - sharing experience, get to know new things and techniques and collect your own experiences with it in the future. Always remember you can't have big muscles without training them ;)

For sure we made some photos. Thanks to everyone who helped me out with those as i had been - again - not able to do my own. Here are some impressions of the class were we all had that special experience - our place to be, yeah, special i know, haha:

A different view at it - in the middle of the tournament:

We did start off with a monster theory part on Saturday morning, only paused by a little excursion on how i build up a base, after all the participants already did so in their preparation at home:

Explanation followed by preparation, preparation followed by painting and individual assistance on individual problems:

This painting comrad really got it going with that freehand thing :)

For sure we made a groupshot of us all, sadly 3 of the participants already left the building because to catch their train in time. You might get that we had our fun, whatever the circumstances are where painting happens it can always be from the heart, haha...

Also i managed to get hold of some far view shots of the participants models... i guess everyone of you did take a good step further in their painting skills at this beginners class - at least i thought to note this after seeing your models.

In the end i want to thank you again - without your intrest in this painting class it would not have been able for us to hold it. Thanks again and i hope to see you around maybe next time when the stars are a bit better and the intense prayers to McGyver aren't needed.

It has been my pleasure - Keep on happy painting! And like Bob Ross would say: "We don't make mistakes, we have happy accidents!" :)


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