Step by Step - Deamonette 3.0

by Roman aka jar

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Deamonette 3.0, huh? Jepp, another old Step by Step written in 2007, translated today… 

This one is about another daemonette by Games Workshop and color irritations during the process of finding a way through the miniature… translated from this point on .

Sorry for the bad photos first of all. Next:

Model Info and Priming Thoughts

One month ago my black priming was gone and i still wasn't able to get some new one because of whatever reasons i did prime this model completly in white primer… 

The wings are from a Reaper Model,  called "Succubus in Chains".Various elements also atteched to the model to create her unique look. Base has been scratchbuild.

First Shadows, colour decisions

What had happened so far:

Mould line check again, damm them, haha! I'll hunt them all done someday!

Skin: a bottom layer from Ivory/Bleached Bone/elven Flesh/droplet Scaly Green - quite confused laid on - weirdo mixing this on the mini… 

Base: Uhm, puh, no idea… it seems i had forgotten those colours i have used for these areas. Weirdo brain, ughzzziiippp!

Brain tries to reconstruct something, in frames:

Chaos Black, eleven Flesh, Graveyard Earth, Scaly Green, something Blue, Schorched Brown, Ivory, Snakebite Leather, Ultramarine Blue, Hawk Tourquise… and all this in an approach butchered into the base.

Further Colour Decision

The skin was shades with several thin glazes from Teracotta. Next glaze has been teracotta again with a tip of Scab Red, followed by Vile Green/some Blue in the mix for the latest shadows.

Whatever, somehow something of that colour mix also went into the base again, butchered without brain to remember, chaoticly...

Deeper Shadows and further colour decision


What has happened: 

Skin/wings: Shaded with glazes of Teracotta +  a dark blue for the final shadows … on the upper body areas glazes with Bronzed Flesh have been brought in…

Armour:  This received several glazes from chaos Black/droplet Blue/little Ivory to break the strong intensity of pure black …

Base… oh no, haha, this is getting hard…

Somehow on the base now: again many colors,  which were used also on the mini it seems… The water color is Vile Green (GW) + droplet Blue, this mix has been added to the Watereffect of Vallejo with was interfered and dries straight still…

The thing of the Eldars in this "water", after it was once shaded/glazed with brown  (Schorched Brown - whole at the beginning), there has been set some lights by bringing up catachan green to Bad Moon Yellow.

Final action in the shadows


Itself works straight into the shadow still. Intensed the last shadow again with more addititonal glazes from the same mix as before.

Only at the wings I've added a tip of Hawk Tourquise into it. Also separeting different areas by darklinging has been done with this last mix, carefully.

She still looks very dirty from painting rough. But now as it is time for the lights i'll try to clean that mess up working myself in the other direction.

More Light - More Contrast - cleaning up the mess


Lights have been strengthen with bleached bone going over to a mix of bleached bone and skull white.

The wings had been darkened more (glazes from a mixture from Hawk Tourquise/chaos Black), with extremely thin glazes from Scab Red, with those i have also tried to scetch fine lines of blood in the wings...

The claws had been glazed over Graveyard Earth + Bestial Brown to Schorched Brown, followed by Hawk Tourquise + chaos Black in that mix.

At present it works a little still carelessly, which is again waived however now with the next steps of the clarification…

Final details and final cleaning up the mess

- Checking blacklinging again

- The skin received glazes from Bronzed Flesh/elven Flesh to stop the white brightness to shine so much… also done with that mix and a tip of Teracotta for corrections.

- Lights were set again with tender glazes from pure Bleached Bone and stretched to the final with a droplet white - occasionally again and again thinly ausgesoftet with glazes of the Bronzed Flesh Thing above...

- The dots on the skin were set with chaos Black/dark Blue that has been broken up in intensity with a droplet Tanned Flesh - now those work a bit more harmoniously, otherwisethey would be  too darkl … not harmounisly with the skin…

I guess that is everything i can remember:

Keep on happy painting and sorry for the poor photos of this article!



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