Kong's WIP Thoughts Jan02

by Roman aka jar

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to another round of my WIP-Thoughts. This time i will keep it simple. After leaving some exciting moments with a lot of painting classes behind me i finally arrive home for a longer period of time. Why i am telling this? Mmh, being home is fine, staying home for a while helps me focus on my painting again and that is what i'll do in the next months, hehe. Can't wait to get it started, but still resting a bit and finishing off small side projects which grow during the workshop time.

Still have a bunch of things on my to do list, like writing the latest review of the workshop and sending out all the handouts to the participants (which are being changed a bit and prepared at the moment), writing emails, making important phone calls, spent time with my lady, writing Tutorials, spent time with the neighbour babys, get back to some friends i did not heard the last months, writing private messages, realizing some ideas for MASSIVE VOODOO and typing, typing, typing... nah, not really intresting as i am always the man of constant sorrow - let's get it on with bamboo boogie, the important things...

The Arkvenger will be finished for the competition of the Duke of Bavaria in the end of April in Ingolstadt.

The sniper tower will get another run with 2K water on it, after i did paint everything i had failed in pure black, haha.

The Geisha and Denise busts by Pegaso will be painted finally and some more to come for sure, when i realize being home again.

Some gaming comission will drop in also :)

After mati, Raffa and me did sleep in one room in Hamburg - uh yeah, ugly imagination of 3 Apes... nah stop - we had some mad night talk about projects and ideas. After i have a long time project standing around here which started back a long time ago in 2009, it seems the JMD Demon will finally meet his destiny for a private Diorama Project for the Duke of  Bavaria - let me explain how the ideas flow around this project - this has been the start of it all - angelwings again:

Went over to this idea - without stupid wings:

The hext brain fart has been the idea of a duel of good vs. evil - using a Games Workshop Priest of Sigmar to it:

Following this idea the duel has grown in warriors challenging the demon and dark sorcerer (models by Red Box Games):

Started painting and completly lost my motivation to it, but have a lot of stuff like photos and explanations done to it so i will tell some more when the real deal starts.

Losing motivation... When something like that happens i leave it alone, stand the project beside and wait for the day another plan arrives... it now has - a monstrous duel between monsters... 

More to come soon i guess or not, we'll see... the idea has arrived. Now it is time for me to arrive home first... keep staying on the sunny side of life! How? Smile as often as you can :)

Keep on happy painting!


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