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by Roman aka jar

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Don't forget to look at Raffa's last great mini - 3 days, pffft, you are crazy man: click!

Just checking back some old links while cleaning up my browser shortcut links - for sure i did found something i want to share with you... may you find a pearl while browsing. If you ain't got the time, don't worry, that is why i am cleaning them up, haha - just click the different links if you feel bored ;)

First this very cool duel of two gladiators i saw. I am not really into the thing about if this is historical correct, but i like the dynamic set of the models: Click!

 Posemaniacs, cool stuff!

Third, "Underwater Museum", somehow loved that picture.
A gorilla silverback that is what i call massive :)

Notre Dame de Paris.

Art Tutorials by Itchstudio

Something else massive!

Ok, enough for now i am getting to bed, i guess this could happen someday again, after this was only a small amount of that messy link place i have in my browser!

Have a nice weekend and keep on happy painting to you all! I guess i am out for the weekend :)



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