Workshop Review Hamburg

by Roman aka jar


a cup of coffee and my morning zombie brain together will now be able to write this review of the Beginners Painting Workshop in Hamburg City.

Oh dear, it has been such a funny weekend with you all in Hamburg - still can't calm my smile on my lips when i think back to the last weekend. Great to meet a lot of new people who enjoy the hobby and great to see some well known comrads again.

First of all i want to thank my Massive Voodoo brother Raffa for his comradship and support at the workshop - thanks for your great help my little chapuchin. Never without you :)

Second, i have to thank Heiko from the Wu Dao Kung Fu School in Hamburg for this great place to be. A wonderful workshop location with spirit and tradition and a very nice big chief at the top. Thanks for everything, Heiko! It has been my pleasure :)

Third, my thanks goes out to all the people who did participate in the Painting class. 26 participants at the final date and i have to thank you all for your bravery to take part and let your self fall in our blabla which we did in front of you all the time - thanks for your patience and concentration. Also thanks for all the helping hands sorrounding the workshop time - as i told you without you this would not have been possible. My special thanks goes to the 2 guys from Berlin, mati being one of them to visit us in Hamburg :) - I hope everyone arrived home safely as during the workshop time the northern snowy blizzard did strike us and snowed us in...

The workshop plan has been a hard challenge to do when you got 3 hours less. We all did well and it has been a great time to show you what Raffa and me think while painting and to show you how we work. Thanks to everyone for bringing in his own experience and thoughts - there is always so much to learn for everyone, for sure especially me.

Again we did paint Daemonettes from Games Workshop at the Painting Class, again we had a lot of talk about colours and their harmony, finding out why colours match or don't match and why a miniature makes "Bäm!" while looking at it. To me it my cheering starts when i saw you doing your bases. This is the point where everyone starts to bring in his personal choice and ideas and that is always wonderful - Seeing it grow from the bases to a mostly completly painted miniature. I was really impressed what you all have achieved in the end and you really made me happy when i saw the things i was talking about done on your miniatures in your way with your visions.

Thanks again to the Max Paint Shop for supporting the class with MiniNatur.

For sure there are some photos of the Painting Class. Thanks for everyone for helping me out here, as - again - i did not find a lot of time to take my own.

Like at every workshop we had a table where everyone could bring painted miniatures. I am always impressed on how much power such a table has. Thanks to everyone!

Here we go with the workshop place itself...

After we had a lot of time spended on theory and building up a base on Friday we did start the Saturday with a big part of colour theory too. Theory, theory, theory, haha. Painting did start on Saturday after the midday break where everyone was hunting something to eat. Concentrated work began - here are some expressions - first of all it is important to have everything at your workbench while working:

Always try to find your own brush - make it to your sword...

When this is done, approaching to the painting itself:

It is always good to "feel" your colour palete and the liquidness of your glazes :)

As you can see painting in all its passion. For sure there has been practical exercises and paint talk in groups to show what can be done, why it can be done and what it brings in the end. Again at this point big thumbs up to my man Raffa for his help at this point.

For sure we did take some photos of us all, sorry for those who had to leave earlier because of their long distance to travel home and the snowy streets all around us. 5 people missing makes the Kong sad. I guess you see the apes, haha. We all really have been struck down by fatique over the weekend as sleep had been way to less attention being put at.

The participants Models also did get chaught on camera. I was really impressed by everyone's individual progress and the difference in all the models... 

Take a look and enjoy - here is the link to mostly all the daemonettes done at this weekend, thanks to Heiko for taking the time to catch them on photo (your energy seems unstoppable, haha): Link!

i did manage to take a photo of 2 models from 2 painters who did leave earlier - not the best light, damm:

Also i managed to collect some of the finished results which appeared on the internet:

In the back you can see some great sockets, because the was with us this weekend. Uh, i love his stuff.

Thanks again for the beautiful days with you all and the shared Happines and Intrest in Painting. As told before, it has been my pleasure. Final thanks to the Hamburg/Kiel Support Crew who did care for us so gentle all the time. 

Packing workshop material looks like this after a workshop, sending it home with pure trust in the german post...

And i had to take a photo of this place in the city of Kiel - we ain't got no ships here at all in bavaria, haha:

At the moment i got a lot of emails and private messages in the box and i will not be able to answer them at the moment. Sorry for that fact - Workshop Munich rolling in on the upcoming weekend. I'll try to be back at your thoughts...

So far from my morning table... Keep on happy painting!

PS: Muuuuhhhh! - there will always be challenges out there...


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