Brother Claudio finished...

by Roman aka jar


again a space marine. Space Hulk, Brother Claudio. Had a lot of fun at this model while in the end i lost it somehow on the track, you may see this mostly in the back... and base... and ahh... yeah, had my fun... so whatever ;) - done. I am trying to bring up an Step by Step article of this guy soon. Also he will be included in the lately written OSL tutorial to better demonstrate what i mean, but actual i got no time for this as it looks like :) - hope you like him...

Brother Claudio, Games Workshop, Space Hulk Terminator

A tutorial about building that strange cork base up you can find here.
Another one showing my try of doing icicles.

This guy for sure is also up to CMON, so if you want to see the equal picture at this place, feel invited to follow this click!

Keep on happy painting!


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