Workshop Review Augsburg I and II

by Roman aka jar

A new year, me cleaning up my workbench, i mean my brain workbench... something i already want to be done some months ago is this review. In May 2009 i held 2 Beginner's Painting classes in my own Hometown Augsburg. Thanks again to my old school for helping me out with the room and equipement. Really apprechiated. Also big thanks to my girlfriend Anna and also my friend Peter for their awesome angellike help at both of the workshops.

For sure i want to say thanks to those people which did take part in these 2 Weekend classes - i met a lot of great people and as you know without your intrest this never would have happened.

Those two workshops had been early in the beginning and i did try to do my "teaching" on a model from the Games Workshops Lord of the Ring range: a wargrider.

We had a great sunny weather during these two workshops and i guess the ladys and gentleman who did take part did hate me for being indoor with such a weather and have a talking Roman in front of them, telling something about colour theory all the time, about light and shadows and more strange blabla without a break. So there has been a barbecue also on the first workshop, but we all learned from this, that barbecue and beer is no good idea - you lose too much time for the workshop itself, haha.

Here are some impressions of the 2 Workshops in Augsburg/my hometown - our austrian guests took the ride for another workshop time to arrive in the beautiful city - my Paradise City, you know that Guns'n'Roses song ;) - Workshop Numero Uno:

Some bases of the Workshop Participants:

Priming Session:

Me telling something about colours and all the rest which is influanced by this great stuff:

Some Miniatures standing around at our Miniature Table:

Our work area over the weekend:

Me, seriously telling something about serious painting:

Concentrated Painting hours followed by the barbecue session:

It was eating, eating, painting and eating. More or less. Never do a barbecue again at a workshop, even it is great the lost time will never come back... The morning after was hard... Robert and me hanging around waiting for the participants, ape style:

Some more painting blabla has been filled up the complete sunny Sunday, still not sure which colour to grab:

We also made a groupshot of Augsburg's Workshop group number one, great to have you as participants - thank you for a wonderful weekend and all your helping hands, it was my pleasure meeting you and i hope i will do again in the future:

Hah! Got me - also we made a group shot of the Wargs we did paint up at this beginner's class over one Weekend - no! We did not, i was searching my hard disk but wasn't able to find a group shot - i found some single shots of some of the models - here you go with the one who did 2 bases in the same time, he who has the magic hands:

2 weeks later there had been the same procedure again at the same place with a little smaller group but for sure not less fun. Here we go, i am really sorry that i was not able to find a lot of pictures from this second workshop, all i can say is we had a great weekend too, but without barbecue and more time to paint things up ... Summer, Sun and skin burnt by the Sun, just kidding, it's the photo, we all had been angry again by sitting indoors :)

The results of the Weekend - Wargs again  as told in the start of this review:

Really a great weekends... with a lot of Happy Painting as far as i can remember! Thanks a lot to everyone!

And remember a brush is made for painting ;)


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