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Hi there,

this Kong Fu really hurts my heart again after these moments seem to rise in the past. After several painting classes, which i really did enjoy my email and private messaging boards are completly overwhelming me like a thundering whirlwind or a horde of mad elephants.

For sure i did try my best the last week, keep up with everybody, most important my friends and comissioners, but also getting back to all the questions dropping in from the painting classes.

As i always think only truth brings me further in my life i have to say to those who are waiting my answer that i am totally leached out in this case. Even i should write some more emails and PMs i have to commit to myself that i can't if i will not spent most of my day time in front of the computer typing there. The last week really was only typing, typing, typing most of my time and typing.

And for those thinking "Ay, he can type here, why doesn't he can't type my answer at all?" - i am really sorry, typing in here is more like vacation from typing emails all day long.

I will try to get back to you soon, but can not promise anything. I am focusing on my workbench the next weeks where a lot of fun and work is waiting for me. Please don't get me wrong in these sentences written here but i am just off the hook with my brain, while typing all day long... i promise someday mostly all of your answers will be answered in the Tutorial section of MASSIVE VOODOO, at least we try...

If you got any questions don't hesitate to comment yours in this place!

Best Regards


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