Paint on canvas for Sale!!

by Roman aka jar

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In this little place I will offer some colours that i have brought on canvas.

No idea if there will be much, but maybe someone is intrested in one of these pieces. If you are intrested and want to support me please write an email to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com for further chat. The postage cost is depending on the seize of the piece and the country you live in. Get more detailed shipping cost talk via email.

1. "Anger"

A picture painted on canvas called "Anger" as this was the feeling i had while throwing paint on this virgin canvas. I did paint it on a Summer Vacation at Robert's in Graz on a forest mountain. It has been a gift to a friend, but after half a year later his little daughter was so scared about the image that he gave it back, haha. So are you strong enough to have some anger staring at you? Here comes the detail:

Seize per canvas (2x):
Width: 40 cm
Height: 120 cm

Price: 140,00 € + individual shipping costs


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