Tutorial - Building a base with parts of old electronics

by Roman aka jar

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Huh? What he is talking about? Using old electronics on a base...

Oh yeah, haha! Let me explain.

Building a base with parts of old electronics

What you need for building exactly this base shown here:

- a socket
- an old electronic piece that doesn't work anymore
- small screw drivers
- arm power
- Attention to not hurt yourself
- whatever tool kit might be good for yourself
- bravery
- super glue
- sand
- some straws
- some old cables, for examples from your old stereo

Get it on...

Ok, first of all i want to mention that this is for sure won't be everyone's favorite idea to build up their next bases, haha. This is just a thought, that might inspire some of you.

I did this, because the miniature, Carlos from Artefactory was standing around a long while now in early Work in Progress without a base and i really got inspired by Raffa's great version of this model. Mine isn't converted at all, simply paint him out of the box with no big story told around him. But i wanted to have a base, which makes him look like a working machine on a rusty, chaotic carbage planet.

As my old camera, which got broke a while ago was still laying ahead of me (it was about 6~7 years old, so no consideration of having it repaired), i thought of playing butcher again as i did with my old MiniDisc Player some months ago.

Pay MASSIVE attention to the following quote of the Chapuchin:

"Before we forget:
Never destroy electronics when you don't know what waits for you inside. For example, a PC power supply or a television have capacitors that can store enough energy to give you a nice shock. I would advice to stick to small, low-powered stuff that, in the ideal case, runs with batterys.


Miniature, socket, dead camera - ready to go.

Putting the miniature and the socket away again and preparing myself to ripp off that broken camera, yeaha!. Please pay attention not to harm yourself while using uncontrolled Kong-Power, always think first and then act.

I did start with screwing out the tiny bolts on the outside of the camera while using small screw drivers for this task.

The butchery went on carefully ripping out whatever i could, first always driving out the bolts, then using enourmous Kong-Power for the ripping parts. Please make sure to really pay attention to avoid hurting yourself. Slow and precious working at this point. If you are scared try to throw your old electronic from your balcony for the first steps. Please make sure that you always use small electronics that broke up for something like that, not a TV or Computer, that is too much as we work with tiny miniatures in here, we won't need a lot of this stuff.

Building the base...

Before i did start building up the base from this chunk, i did check my metal part box, where i collect such weirdo things from such experiments for more parts to bring them up to the base.

I put everything together and build it up on the battery case from the camera for the main part. Super glue was used to bring everything in place - it's like making corn flakes in the morning, haha. I did bring in some sand in the wet super glue to make it more harmonic in the end, more realistic, there would never been a place where chunk lies around without dirt around in my oppionion - also checked back the kitchen for some straws i want to lay under the main base as there has been some space left.

Gluing the straws in place i did take some old cable strings and also put them in. The finished chaotic junkyard base looks like this:

After Priming the base, i did put a hole in the base to set the miniature up to with a pin. Unpainted result does look like this. Painted result for sure will be delivered in the upcoming days. Everything still Work in Progress, also the miniature ;)

Hope you like this strange way to build up a base. Keep doing experiments and always pay attention to your safety

Here is another example where i had used some parts of my old MiniDisc Player:

Keep on happy painting!


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