Capuchin's WIPs and some crazy stuff!

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!
Been a while since i last posted my current WiP Stuff.
At the moment i have a lot on my plate, i broke up with my girlfriend after 6 years and as occasion demands i often don't want and can't work with a free mind on my minis at our shared flat...

So anyway, i don't want to swamp you with this care bear stuff in this big and dangerous painting jungle ... we have other problems.. where to get the next banana? What is the best yelling technique? Where are your coconuts? ... ahem ok stop stop let's start the interessting stuff and i garantuee you, if you read the post to the end you will be greatly rewarded :)

Before you see any pictures:
I sanded some milliput from Carlos' socket and small bright particles are on most of the minis, i'll remove them normally but this time i forgot before taking the photos....

So the first Project is the Carlos Conversion which starts to get to an end... but today i had a little idea to give the whole thing more BÄM and so i have to sculpt something :)
I think i'll post a step-by-step of the sculpting progress.

Next thing is a sculpt, a Lady, in service in the Palace Protection Guard 6th Regiment in her MAC/HE Suit(Medium Armored Combat - Hazardous Environment).
Slowly she get's more and more finished, tragically she fell over while baking her and so i had to fix some stuff! annoying!!! UH UH AAAHHHH!

I wanted to try out some snow stuff and so i started a space wolve... here's the result so far... i'm not very happy with the photo but i have to admit it's still in a very very early stage :)

Aaaaand ... on monday while i was at big kongs jungle palace i started the JMD Assassin. Nothing too spectacular right now, i wanted to try out some colorful scheme... hmmmm i don't know if it was a good idea :O I want to buy him again sometime and paint him ninja-black .... i think it'll fit better.
But anyway... lesson learned and stripping paint is a big no-no for me.

Oh and last week while i was at romans place i sculpted something because i did't have a good day and was somehow demotivated to paint...

tadaaaa :D

Oh man... i think i have to do more postings, this one is really getting LONG :D

Today i got a small parcel from france... i knew what was in it so my day now was full of sunshine and small birds singing the jungle song.

Right when i came home from the post office i ripped this parcel open and YEAH this is some crazy shit, Allan Carrasco i LOVE your stuff and a big THANKS to Jeremie for his confidence.

Yeah what was in the parcel you may ask... a big chunk of resin:


I'll make a big step by step article for the Kraken guys and i tell you it'll be fun!
This is really one of the coolest miniatures (if you can still call it a miniature) i've ever had on my hands, sculpting is super-awesome to say a least, so far i am really amazed and can recommend it in any way.

This is how the kit arrived:

The parts fit very snugly and as i said so far i love it, can't wait to paint it!

I hope you liked the post and don't forget to eat bananas.
At the moment my head is full of minotaurs and stuff i have to pack for romans workshop this weekend in Hamburg where i'll help out again :)

See you next time!


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