by Roman aka jar

Oh no... you all might think, not again, haha.

Yeaha, viva los junglos... ok serious:

As i don't have a plan for this blog and do mostly everything straight from my heart i am proud to announce that the Ape Family is growing again - uhhaaahhhhaaahhaahaauuhhh :)

A real good friend of mine, Yvonne aka Vhaidra will join us in here from today on.

Her Painting skills are adorable from my point of view and i don't know many people that can paint that clean as she does. I could never do so, haha.

I am really happy to have her on deck of that massive jungle boat sailing through the www. Shared experience is most important in our hobby and i had done this a lot with her in the last couple of years, so this is just a logic step to welcome her on MASSIVE VOODOO. Finally someone who could bring seriousity in this, haha.

I leave the rest of the introducing to the lady herself and have to say sorry for such a short announcement, but as you know time is the greatest gift and at the moment there is a lot going on in da jungle... Soon you can hear the drums play again :) - Kong is happy!

Welcome to the Jungle, Yvonne - always remember: Jungle is massive!



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