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as i told you i did try to make a Step by Step article to Brother Claudio - Blood Angel Space Marine Terminator from the Space Hulk Box, which i had painted lately.

For sure this is not the greatest Step by Step showing every inch of work i had done. This is simply done to show you some thoughts of mine i had made while doing him. I guess maybe some of you could take those thoughts as an inspiration or simple enjoy reading this - at least i hope so.

An article on how i did the base you may find here!


I did start painting him on the usual way i prime my miniatures:

First Shadows

I don't like to work a lot with the Airbrush, in the end i don't even like to explain things as i am still a real noob with it and i know that not anyone has an Airbrush at home. I got one, but must say that i love to do most of my stuff with a brush, in my eyes here is way more life in the things you may achieve, even they are not as clean as an airbrush would do.
Working to much with the airbrush makes you forget how to work with a brush and a brush dances way better with colours in the scale of 28 mm miniatures.

I sometimes use it for the basic colours, shadows mostly. Here i did spray it with a soft mix from Ultramarine blue + Scab Red + and a tip of Chaos Black from the lower side to only reach the shadow parts. Bad photo, Roman, bad Roman...

Next Step has been a spraying phase with a mix from Blood Red and Red Gore on the whole model, softer in the lower parts where the shadows shall stay the most. Also i have put a tip of Fiery Orange in that mix for the upper areas, spraying from above. After this i did start to paint most of the other parts in a mix of Chaos Black + a tip of Graveyard Earth.

The base did get a basecolour from Regal Blue and Chaos Black, gently put Bleached Bone in to focus the brightest points at the base for further steps. I just did this to see where it'll go in the end.

Starting the Brush work

I did get back at the brush, leaving the airbrush left beside. I did paint up mostly every area left with pure black + a tip of graveyard earth. Black is a good basic to paint up metallics for me lately. The skulls and some other parts did get a basic colour from Charadon Granite by Citadel's Foundation colours. Also i brought up the highlights on the red armour a bit brighter by using several glazes of Fiery Orange, followed by Fiery Orange and a tip of Elf Flesh.

The OSL has been started by making the claws pure white, glazing them with a mix of Hawk Tourquise and Ice blue. On his left side i did start going brighter there by adding skull white step by step to that mix and bringing the light to the areas the OSL hits. Repeating this at the other claw for sure (not at the picture).

The gems have been started with a black basecoat.
The eyes had been painted in a basecoat of goblin green.

The base has been drybrushed with a mix of Fortress Grey and Bleached Bone, more Bleached Bone to the upper parts.

Further Steps

The metal parts have been set on the black basecolour, with using Vallejo Bronze 70998, followed by Vallejo Gold 70996 for setting up the first highlights in the metals. In both tones i mixed in a real small tip of Camo Green.

The Armour has been highlighted with more Elf Flesh + Fiery Orange in the chosen brighter areas, adding a bit of Space Wolfs grey to the brightest parts, using pure Space Wolfs Grey for the upper edges. After this step the armour has been darkened again with several thin glazes fromTamyia X-27 + a Tip of Chaos black to intense the shadows. Going strictly darker to the legs, as i want the focal point high on the miniature.

The claws have been glazed darker with glazes from Hawk Tourquise and a Tip of Chaos black. After this step was done, i mixed in a tip of white in the basecolour of the claws - Ice blue and Hawk Tourquise - tio bring out the edges a bit more.

The skulls and iconography this guy has everywhere around have been started on Charadon Granite as mentioned above. I did slowly mix in Codxex Grey to bring in some highlights. As far as i can remember also the highlights on the armour parts which are in between the different armour areas and the cable things have been highlighted that way too.

The base has been drybrushed with a touch of ice blue. Then snow has been applied like described in this article. Also the icicles had been added in the way described here! I had done this at this point of the Work in Progress to get a better hold on how the miniature on top will turn out in the end to achieve an harmonic overall look in the end. This comes and goes like the muse wants to, no fixed plan at all.

Final Steps

Again i have to say sorry at this point for not having scribbled everything i had done in this step. This is often getting a real concentrating phase while painting a miniature where i forget mostly everything around. I will do an article on the "Finish-Phase" of a miniature in the future. Whatever i try to bring everything together as far as i can remember.

The whole red armour has been set in more shadow and light to the edges by going darker with more thin layers of glazes and bringing more brightness to the edges.

The metal parts have been redone from the base gold to some silver tone as the gold didn't work at all for me on the model. It is still somehow there but very subtle under the new layer.

The skulls had been set in shadows again with some glazes of graveyard eart first, adding a tip of chaos black to it in the darker shades. The lights on the skull also have been intensed with using Bleached Bone, final light set with Bleached Bone adding a Tip of Skull white to it.

Dirt has been applied with using a blister sponge carefully at the edges of the armour.

The claws OSL has been made stronger by bringing up white into the mix and also getting back to darken some areas with the glazing colours for shadows mentioned above.

The eyes have been done from the above mentioned basecoat of goblin green, adding more and more Sunburst Yellow to it, final light in the upper area with a tip of white in that mix. 

Ahh, damm... really my brain gives it up after the last weeks and the time which has passed between painting this fella up and writing this. What i can say is that this final work is very important by making darklining between the different areas of the model to better seperate them for the eye and in the other hand making the lights stronger, especially at the edges for making the eye walk from the overall miniature to the focal area you chose - in this case the helmet.

I will promise to write an article about that, after you see mostly every Step by Step ending up in such a brainless mess by me. Sorry.

I hope this can be taken for inspiration or something else, if not i totally have written it for being useless, haha.

Keep on happy painting all around globe!


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